Are You A Wayseer?

In times of social, political and ecological crisis, Humanity calls out “There must be a better way!” – a pathway out of the darkness of separation, poverty, destruction, death and despair.

Wayseers are visionaries who answer that call with thoughts of Unity, words of Life and actions that move us toward Co-creation and Shared Abundance! Since you found your way to Imagine Peace and Plenty YOU most likely are a Wayseer – a trouble maker, a cage rattler, an agent of hope and change.  To find out for sure, watch the video found by clicking “more” below.   As you see images of who you strive to be in your heart of hearts – our greeting to you is “Welcome Home”!

The Wayseer Manifesto

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You heard it just now from the Wayseer’s video…

“Attention all you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers – all you free spirits and pioneers – all you visionaries and non-conformists… Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you – is actually what’s right with you. You see things others don’t. You are hardwired to change the world.”

Wayseers envision a world of Peace and Plenty for all!  Manifesting that world is our deepest heart’s desire and we are determined to succeed. “Imagine Peace and Plenty” exists to support your success – the realization of your vision.



This site is your link to connect with others who share your determination to be a change agent.  In support of your efforts to make your vision our collective reality “Imagine Peace and Plenty” offers you these resources:


  • Sustainability Store – Products for sustainable living, right livelihood opportunities, consciousness transformation tools, items to support personal well-being, and resources for promoting an ecological interface with your community, your country, our planet and the cosmos beyond!
  • Reality Check -News stories from the alternative press that detail the facts, the motives and the cover-ups that lie behind the current headlines of the Main Stream Media.
  • 9/11 Truth – Abundant evidence pointing to the events of 9/11/01 being False Flag Terrorism perpetrated upon the American People by the very individuals and institutions sworn to protect us.
  • Climate Action – We are all Climate Changers: Part of the solution or part of the problem! Here are the information resources, links to sustainability focused climate action change groups, like 350.org , and action step opportunities to enhance your participation in solution focused climate change activism.
  • Rainforest Revival – Details increasing worldwide deforestation and keeps you in touch with news from groups like EcoInternet, The Pachamama Alliance, and The Rainforest Action Network as they invite us to collaborate with indigenous communities to restore, protect and preserve what have been rightfully termed the “Lungs of our Planet”.
  • Peace Now – “Bring our troops home! End aid to oppressive regimes!!  Money for peace but not for war!!!”…Here is the section of this site where you will find additional “reality checks” regarding past and present American foreign policy and links to organizations working to strengthen our collective call for “Peace Now!”.
  • Good News – An endless stream of “bad news” endlessly assaults us, inviting only hopelessness.  To press forward toward a brighter world we need to “Imagine Peace and Plenty”.  But to keep doing that day after day we need flashes of hope – signs of success, stories of the impact of simple kindness, declarations of the power of human solidarity. Good News is the page to turn to when your commitment to playing your part in the Big Picture needs a boost.
  • Take Action– Hearing good news inspires deeper engagement. Taking action liberates us from the false belief that we are powerless.  Turn to the Take Action page every time you visit “Imagine Peace and Plenty” for updates on how each of us can play our small part in the Big Picture.
  • Allies –  As mentioned in the Sustainability Store section of this site, 50% of the net profits generated by your purchases will be invested in achieving the goals of four Non-Profit Organizations that I am intimately involved with and whose work has become near and dear to my heart – 9/11 Truth Action Project, Climate Parents,  The Global Village Children’s Project, and The Osa Foundation. Turn to the “Allies” page to learn more about each of these organizations and to receive updates on how the funds donated are being used in practical ways to realize our shared vision of living together in a world of Peace and Plenty.
  • Contact Us – A place to offer your thoughts and insights on how we get from here to there – how we transform our multiple ecological, social and political crises into pathways toward Peace and Plenty.


What You Can Do Next

Imagine Peace and Plenty is not a “Gloom and Doom” site.  Nor is it about “Us versus Them”.  Our purpose is to work with you to create a planet where all of us can Thrive  in a world where there is Plenty for everyone – even for the people we currently see as our enemies!


The route to manifestation of that world begins with simple acts of kindness.

Kindness Boomerang – “One Day” (5:44)

As the following video emphasizes, embracing the pathway of kindheartedness leads us away from fear and forward into love, as together we commit to collective acts of courage:

Love or Fear…What do you choose? (16:49)

What part are you and I called to play in this Revolution of Love?  Answering that continually evolving question is the core purpose of our website. 

“Imagine Peace and Plenty” is here to identify the challenges we face, to offer tools for personal and planetary transformation,  to foster confidence that a better world is within reach, to inspire effective action, and to strengthen your direct experience of connection to your own Internal Guidance – the part of yourself that already knows the way in which your personal contribution to our collective journey is invited to unfold.

Here is a brief video that speaks to our innate ability to receive, from the core or our own being, the direction we seek for our lives – including how best to invest ourselves in political and social activism.

Your Higher Self (4:53)

As you contemplate “What is my part in the transformation of our planet?” we invite you to begin exploring Imagine Peace and Plenty, at your own pace, by moving on into the “Start Here” section and then – or even right now if you like

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