WORLD PEACE NOWintroduction

As we move through this precarious moment in human history, the Imagine Peace and Plenty “PEACE NOW” materials will offer the good news of current progress toward lasting peace and a vision of hope for the days that lie ahead! At the same time “Peace Now” will confront past and present  painful truths, many of which have been deliberately hidden from us through lies endlessly told by our leaders and the mainstream media.

To achieve lasting peace though, we must also address our own personal fears, prejudices and judgments. These blinders on our vision keep us from seeing the world around us clearly.  Only by strengthening our inner vision, combined with outer political insight, can we hope to take initiative effectively toward healing ourselves, our country, and our planet.

As we free ourselves from external lies and internal disempowerment, we are building bridges of solidarity. This empowers us to act individually and collectively to usher in the long awaited time of peace and harmony here on suffering Planet Earth. Your participation in this process is actively solicited.

The material below offers more of the “Big Picture” – the context and perspective for all subsequent mailings you will receive from Imagine Peace and Plenty. I hope you will share this material with friends and family and especially with people who may have a political or spiritual orientation which differs widely from yours. In fact, Imagine Peace and Plenty asks you to hold an attitude of blessing toward your opponents and all those who disagree with you politically. When you feel anger toward those who you believe are making choices that hurt all of us, please stop for a moment and send them – from your heart – this variation on the traditional Buddhist blessing:

“May you be safe and bring safety to others.
May you be well and support healing in others.
May you be free from suffering and from causing suffering.
May you be truly happy and wish only true happiness for others.
May you grow daily in understanding the transformative power of Kindness,
As you learn to let Love guide your each and every thought and word and deed.”

This is a challenging task – blessing our enemies. Yet since the days of Jesus and Buddha, Moses, Mary and Muhammad, all great saints have told us this is the only pathway forward.

Here’s a little tale to contemplate, and a  tune to hum, as we walk the Path of Peace together

Peace Now (5:30)

…and now, to explore that pathway further while learning about the impact of recent Powerful Peace Activists, link here.