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The “Imagine Peace and Plenty” website is grounded in Truth like a textbook, but its pages are a story meant to be read and enjoyed progressively, more like a novel than a text.  The preamble to that story follows here…

“The Human Predicament” (10:28)
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As Terrance McKenna so eloquently recollects, early in life he began to investigate, and pursue, a vast arena of interlocking disciplines – the nexus of concerns that cluster around the fundamental questions of life:

“What are we?”

     “Where did we come from?”

             “Where are we going?”

But when McKenna looked for answers in the places we are told that they reside, no answers were to be found. “Our best efforts are nothing more than half completed stories told around the campfire” he concluded.

If you share Terrance McKenna’s conclusion, it is my hope that you will find encouragement in the pages of Imagine Peace and Plenty.  This site, simply put, is for people who, like Terrance, find themselves “unsatisfied with the conventional answers”.  IP&P in no way pretends to offer the Final Truth or the Ultimate Answers to life’s fundamental questions.  But it does hope to support you as McKenna suggests to “persist in pushing into altered states of mind and alien cultures” – to lead you down something quite similar to Alice In wonderland’s Rabbit Hole, uncovering the persistent lies of our political system and valueless values of the insane culture which that system reflects and supports.

Again with Terrance, Imagine Peace and Plenty is here to promote a new model of how reality works – a model in which we are freed from the mechanistic notion that life is simply a series of accidents, a collection of inevitable painful experiences that we can at best hope to numb ourselves from experiencing fully by the endless pursuit of more “stuff”. Rather, this new model not only declares that our collective pain is real, but also it affirms there is a way to heal that pain and that your and my little part in achieving that healing is essential to the evolution of all life on this planet!

This new model declares:

“Your hopes of peace and plenty for all are well founded.”

   “Your part counts – it matters. You matter. Your life matters. Your family matters.”

     “The human enterprise, of which you are an integral part, matters, as does all life on our planet.”

But this fundamental significance of your and my lives is being routinely and mercilessly denied and undermined by our death worshiping culture – and its political manifestations – in which our lives are currently embedded. As McKenna puts it, “The Cosmos is a struggle between two implacable forces – ‘novelty’ on the one hand and ‘habit’ on the other.”

Imagine Peace and Plenty is here to support you in breaking free of habituated patterns of thought and action – replacing them with new connections, new understandings of the fundamental falsity of the world story presented to us as “reality”, and new visions of the fully attainable world of Peace and Plenty for all … the world that is calling to us to usher it into manifestation.


Step to the front of human evolution.
Make yourself new every day.
Imagine Peace and Plenty for all
Until that is all there is to see!



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