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Hello Fellow and Future Allies,

At the 1992 UN sponsored Earth Summit in Brazil, 12 year old  Severn Cullis-Suzuki offered this remarkable speech to the attentive conference delegates:

A 12 Year Old Girl Speaks Truth to Power

Welcome to “Imagine Peace and Plenty”!  No doubt you have found your way to this website because, like Severn, you wish to respond effectively to the immense challenges we face on this beautiful blue planet we all call “Home”.


Located about 93 million miles from the core of a relatively small star that sits on the outer edges of a spiral galaxy known by its nick name – The Milky Way – Earth appears to be the only real estate in our solar system that can provide livable space for us humanoids and the other oxygen breathing life forms with whom we share our home.

Here is a short video to orient you to our actual galactic coordinates.


Inter-Galactic Tour

In the far flung vastness of the Universe, it is reasonable to presume that other life forms have also evolved – maybe even humanoids. Within some of our nearby stellar systems there may even reside beings who have sorted out how to get along with each other in an ecologically responsible manner! If you are one who enjoys contemplating such possibilities, I encourage you to explore my friend Fred Burks’ investigation into who may have already visited us from far, far away at http://www.wanttoknow.info/ufoinformation.

But folks, if we ever expect to join the Galactic Community we need to be capable of running a respectable Bed and Breakfast Operation when our Space Family finally shows up!  In order to do that we must first face the reality of the mess we have made of our home planet, and we must then commit ourselves to restoring it to a sustainable state.  We need to imagine our world as a place of peace and plenty for all and to work together to make that vision our reality!  Supporting you in doing so is the central purpose of this website.

It can be frightening and overwhelming to move through the process of awakening to the harsh realities of our current predicament. It is natural at first to believe the problems we face are so huge that no response on our part can have any truly positive effect. Cultivating genuine optimism as we help each other to acknowledge and confront the challenges we face, is also why this website exists.

In particular, Imagine Peace and Plenty addresses four major questions of central concern for our collective well being:

  • 9/11 Truth: What really happened on 9/11/01 and what can we do about it today?
  • Climate Action: Why is global climate change occurring and what actions can we take to promote a sustainable planetary environment?
  • Rainforest Revival: How is our survival in the industrial world linked inextricably to the health of Earth’s Rainforests and the cultural survival of indigenous communities within these forests?
  • Peace Now: What part can each of us play in bringing authentic justice and lasting peace to this planet?

In addition to the material you will discover here at Imagine Peace and Plenty, broad insights are also offered into the major cover-ups and pervasive corruption that must yet be brought out into the light of day at http://www.wanttoknow.info/summaries.

Remembering my own initial shock, outrage and despair, I have a few thoughts about how to sustain activism over the long haul.  Introduced here initially, and in more detail throughout this website, these thoughts are both ideas for ways of thinking, as well as practical strategies for engaging in effective action.  I trust you will find them to be as uplifting and empowering for you as they have been for me.

First: Here is the core perspective – the BIG Picture – that guides the political focus and work of the Imagine Peace and Plenty website.  I believe our species is in the early stages of a potentially HUGE shift to Planetary Consciousness and the collective realization of our interconnectedness.  The more you and I see this BIG Picture, the more we will understand our personal part in bringing that picture more clearly into focus for everyone.

 The Big Picture


Think of this process as a game.  The game is called “Waking Up to Our True Identity”.  Here are a couple of short clips that elaborate on this.

The Great Awakening

Second:The Source and Core of Our Being (whatever you may care to call Her / Him / It – let’s just call It “Love” for now) knows the mess we are in.  It also realizes the way forward is to let Love flow through us and out into the world to heal us from our mistaken belief in separation and our bizarre commitment to conflict.  Seen clearly, everything that is going on right now can be understood as potentially helpful to our awakening to who we really are if we use it to strengthen our commitment to meaningful values – like justice, love, kindness, forgiveness, and courage – as we embrace human and ecological solidarity.

Third: In my own pursuit of this goal, the value of a daily spiritual practice has been beyond words.  I have been nourished for many years through working with A Course In Miracles and by integrating various Buddhist practices into how I think and live.  More recently I have been introduced to the remarkable power of The Presence Process. Together, these teachings inform all my political activism while supporting my personal sense of well being, moment by moment, throughout each day.

You of course, may find some other spiritual pathway more suited to your needs.  But the basic principle remains this: “Seek out your own deeper inner resources and move forward with the Guidance of that still small Inner Voice – Love’s Voice – that we all possess”.

Fourth: Find allies who share your values and your vision.  We all need people with whom we can vent and strategize – friends who will not just sit there and think we are nuts. There is nothing to be gained, and everything to be lost, by “going it alone” and attempting to simply tough it out.  Click on this link, and check out both “Where Are We?” and “WinningPeace2”, to meet some of your many allies.

Fifth: Be patient and understanding with family and friends who question your judgment and even your sanity.  This is a psychological defense they need in order to unconsciously defend against confronting the stark reality of what is actually happening to our precious, yet vulnerable, home planet.  It is isolating and painful to have friends and family politely tell you that you have gone crazy, but that is just part of the process.  As you begin to seek out and connect more deeply with your political and spiritual allies, this denial coming from the people you love becomes more bearable.

Finally: Once you have grasped the BIG Picture, work as tirelessly as you can to understand the complexity of all its smaller parts.  What is really going on behind the scenes on this planet?  Who are the people, and what are the forces, that press us toward fear and separation?  How are you and I succumbing deliberately, or unconsciously at times, to these forces?   How shall we break free into undivided collaboration with our allies on this planet – the voices for Love, Peace, Sharing and Reconciliation?

Here is a resource for exploring these kinds of questions.  I hope it will prove as helpful to you as it has been to me: www.transformationteam.net.

Should you become lost in fear, despair or hopelessness, wondering “Is it worth it to invest my brief life in the seemingly endless effort of cleaning up the mess we have made of our planet?”, I hope you will be inspired not only by the articulate courage of 12 your old Severn but also by how she, and so many others before us, have sustained commitment to planetary healing for decades!  (For a video clip of Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s follow up presentation, at age 32, to the 2012 “Rio +20” UN conference, link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FmSxmpitBA.)

And when you ponder at times if it really is up to you and me to set things right on this beautiful blue planet, simply remember…



“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

Thank you for sharing your journey with me.  Know that “Imagine Peace and Plenty” is here to support your activism in any way we can. So don’t ever hesitate to bring your questions, concerns and supportive criticisms to my attention.  You are warmly encouraged to email me via our contact page.

If you are ready and willing now to investigate in more detail The Real Matrix – the web of profound deceit and deliberate psychological manipulation that keeps our planet in a constant state of conflict, poverty and environmental deterioration – link here to “Understanding the Matrix”.

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* P.S. Art work by Teka Luttrell, who created the image at the top of this page, can be viewed at http://soulconnection.net.