Tools Of The Matrix

tools of the matrix
Pay No Attention
To The Man Behind The Curtain

No doubt we all recall that transformative moment in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s little dog, Toto, pulls back the screen to reveal the surprisingly small, and essentially impotent, man who has orchestrated an elaborate illusion of being the wise and all powerful ruler of Oz.


Likewise the masters of The Real Matrix – mere mortals like ourselves – work with similar tools of illusion to keep us in fear and distract us from Truth. Here is some of how they do it…


Constrict Access to Information: Media self censorship limits what we are allowed to know and promotes unthinking broadcasting of prefabricated lies.


Project Censored (3:00)



Repetition: If we are told a lie loudly and repeatedly it becomes our “truth”.

Terror Terror Everywhere (1:58)

Misdirection: When our attention is deliberately and exclusively directed in a specific manner, it limits the full field of our vision.

Selective Attention Test (1:21)


A good example of how the “Selective Attention” technique was put to use on 9/11/01 becomes apparent if one reads “Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001” by E.P. Heidner.  The full length version is found at: and the summarized version is located at:

That research article documents the evolution of The Black Eagle Trust Fund. This huge fund had a critical relation to the 9/11 attacks. Heidner’s research ties together many previously unexplained threads in the 9/11 mystery!  Heidner presents volumes of solid evidence to support his thesis that one of the main reasons for the attacks was to cover up the laundering of over $200 billion in bonds from a secretive fund – bonds that were to come due on 9/12/01 – the day after the 9/11 attacks.

Similarly, on 9/10/01 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld utilized his knowledge of the pending attack to drop a financial disclosure bombshell – 2.3 Trillion dollars had gone missing from the Pentagon budget – knowing that Americans would lose all sight of that issue less than 24 hours later.

But since our attention was now transfixed on the terror attacks these gorilla sized financial matters got right past all of us!

Utilization of Vulnerability: The “Hit ‘em while they’re down” approach is used to implant into our collective consciousness a specifically desired interpretation of data in moments when we are in a state of shock. Dazed, disoriented and susceptible to believing whatever we are told, we are vulnerable to accepting lies uncritically.  This is how all “False Flag” events and “Friendly Fire” assassinations are sold to us as total fairy tales. “The Lone Gunman” theory marketed to us when JFK was murdered by a cabal of America’s power elites is a perfect example of this technique. (Read “JFK and the Unspeakable”  by James Douglass for more on the subject of JFK’s assassination.)


Hypnotic Control of Individual Citizens: This is the literal creation of “Manchurian Candidates”  – the manipulation of innocent individuals for immoral political purposes.  For undeniable documentation of how this has occurred right here in “the land of the free” link to Fred Burks’ remarkable article “CIA Mind Control Experiments”.


False Flag TerrorismThe attacks of 9/11/01 are perhaps the most audacious orchestration ever seen of mass psychological manipulation!  The actual planners and perpetrators of these attacks utilized the methods detailed above on 9/11/01 and thereafter to shape our perception of that fatal day and thereby to win our consent to all that has followed thereafter.


Here is a window into how they did it – one small glimpse into the workings of a truly masterful orchestration of reality to fit the structure of The Real Matrix. Listen closely as this “man on the street” imbeds in our consciousness the version of how and why the Twin Towers fell which the Masters of the Matrix will subsequently hammer into our brains again and again and again in the days to follow!


Implanting the 9/11 “Ground Zero” Script (3:07)


And here is another 9/11/01 example – that would be hilarious were it not so tragic – of media outlets reading prematurely from a script that is seen to be blatantly prefabricated because it reports “news” that has not yet happened!


BBC Reports 9/11, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens (3:32)

So… that’s how they do it folks. And now – if we are to undo it – there is a lot of very hard, painful and potentially dangerous work ahead for all of us.  To be truthful, I am a little afraid of speaking out and acting boldly.  How about you?  But I am even more afraid of the world we will leave behind for our kids, and their kids, if we don’t do everything we can to Speak Truth to Power Now.  And most importantly, I am grateful to have you as my ally as we each strive to play our part in the birthing of a genuinly just, cooperative, and compassionate global community.  Thank-you.


Will you join with your allies in the liberation of our planet?  Are you ready to break free of the Matrix?  If so, please link to the “Principles of Spiritual Activism” page.

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