Where Is The Love

where is the love

Here is the question we could have asked ourselves right from the beginning.  Asking this question now – and in every choice we make – is the path to our dreamed of world of Peace and Plenty.

“Where Is the Love?” (3:57)


Some might posit that the roots of our suffering – the failure to ask ourselves “Where is the Love?” – started with the emergence of the nation state.  And if we want to focus on just the nation of America, we might naturally look to our theft of this continent from the native peoples who lived here, followed by the building of America’s economy on the backs of slaves and the suffering of poor working class people. But for the purposes of Imagine Peace and Plenty, it suffices to note that the semblance of respect for democracy in America was finally snuffed out by the coup of November 2nd, 1963.  On that day which shall forever live in infamy, powerful elites – operating in the shadows of American political, economic and military life – brought their intricately orchestrated plan to assassinate President Kennedy to fruition.

Anyone still enamored of the Warren Commission Report is encouraged to read JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass. The events of 9/11/01 have roots that run directly through all that we as a nation failed to face with regards to the events of 11/22/63.  Douglass’ powerful investigation into the murder of President Kennedy not only helps the reader understand some of the roots of 9/11 but also it puts into perspective the challenge which any future American president will face, should they have the courage and integrity to confront the dark forces which have controlled American foreign policy for so many decades.


In JFK’s famed “Secret Societies” speech, he indicated his intention to engage in such necessary confrontation.  Kennedy knew that hidden forces were undermining the rule of law at home and spreading the seeds of war abroad. The implications in his words, which follow here, point directly toward those who soon would orchestrate his death.

President Kennedy’s Secret Society Speech (5:23)


The murders of true American patriots did not end with the death of President Kennedy. The ongoing betrayals of supposed American values since the JFK assassination coup are too numerous for full elaboration here. Suffice to say that the trail leads through the as yet unacknowledged political murders of JFK’s brother Robert, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Nation of Islam activist Malcom X, the mysterious plane crash of President Kennedy’s son John, and most recently, the arranged plane crash murder of Senator Paul Wellstone. Senator Wellstone, one may recall, was the sole voice in Congress who questioned the formal 9/11/01 fable.  The convincing evidence that his death was an assassination, rather than a tragic accident, can be found at Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?”. And for more detailed inquiry into America’s culture of covert “problem solving” via political assassination, the reader is referred to Fred Burks’ collection of relevant articles at http://www.wanttoknow.info/assassinationsnewsarticles-0-10000.


Had JFK not been assassinated it is well documented that he would have carried out his intention to withdraw America from its aggressive entanglement with Viet Nam.  Instead, the undermining of political integrity and the overt abandonment of human decency was on display for all the world to see in the conduct of the Viet Nam war well into the 1970s.


Likewise American support throughout the 1970s and 80s for Central American dictators – together with the Iran Contra Affair, the defense of Israeli expansionism at the expense of Palestinian human rights, and the unconscionable sale to Saddam Hussein of the very poison gas components which we later righteously castigated him for using against his own people – reflected the increasing overt and covert powers of aggressive elements of our military, greed focused business magnates, America’s neo-conservative elites and the secret societies with which they interface.


Finally, in the stolen election of 2000 and the false flag attacks of 9/11/01, betrayal of the American people – and the entire world community – reached its culminating moments!

Now, years later we all can recall the disastrous path down which our leaders’ Neo Conservative vision led us in Iraq and elsewhere after the events of 9/11/01.  But the question for activists today is “How can we successfully press future administrations to take a fundamentally new and different path?” Bobby Kennedy vowed to unmask the plotters behind his brother’s murder and was summarily assassinated. JFK Jr was murdered preemptively. Likewise, Senator Wellstone attempted to challenge the 9/11 Big Lie and was covertly eliminated. Each of these men paid the ultimate price for declaring the Unspeakable Truth. In light of the sacrifices of these true heroes of the American people we must then also ask, “How can we build a movement which will be so powerful and effective that its leaders must be reckoned with rather that murdered”?

The answers to these “How?” questions then, lie in strength through numbers, commitment to non-violence, and determination to transform our own hearts. Only as sufficient numbers of us stand together to envision and demand that the new path be taken – the path of human unity, ecological sanity and spiritual integrity –  can we be confident of a brighter future. Our planetary crisis has reached the 11th hour. Now is the moment for each of us to align our own minds as one and tell our leaders that the promised time of Peace and Plenty for all has come!

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