Climate Action


Climate Action

“We are all Climate Changers: part of the solution or part of the problem”


Hello Fellow Climate Changers,

When I was a boy the old joke went, “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it”.  Today, as we watch Earth’s polar ice caps melt, see drought spreading world wide, live through one monster hurricane after another, and sense how all of the seasons are changing their character, our collective rallying cry must become “Complaining about the weather is no longer enough, it is time to do something about it!”  If we wish to pass a livable planet on to the next generation, effectively addressing human generated global climate change must become a central focus for all of us!


Here is the problem – and the solution – in a “Symphony of Science” musical nutshell.


Our Biggest Challenge – Global Climate Change (3:48)


Regrettably, in place of collective action to move our planet toward sustainability, and despite clear evidence of accelerating climate disruption, here is the kind of troubling acknowledgement we see daily as the dominant fossil fuel focused energy companies seek to squeeze out of the ground every last drop of oil possible:

The Climate Change Movement can take well deserved pride in its generation of a groundswell of support for killing the Keystone XL Pipeline plan.  But is that effort to ship dirty Alberta Tar Sands oil by pipeline from Canada to Texas really dead?  Or, as Is Keystone XL dead? Or just resting?” suggests, may it yet find new life – reincarnated under a new name, traveling a new route, and approved by our current more fossil fuel friendly American president… The cost of sustainability is constant vigilance!

CLIMATE ACTIONA gathering in front of the White House celebrates U.S. President Barack Obama’s
rejection of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Many people mistakenly believe that “Global Climate Change” is a hoax.  Others acknowledge that rising overall temperatures and diminishing polar ice caps are cause for concern.  But even among ecologically minded people, the reality and immensity of our climate crisis may not be fully appreciated. Many of the roots of honest climate crisis misinformation can be found in the deliberately spread disinformation that was at the core of the corporate response to the social and environmental activism of the 1960’s.  Here is a video that details both the true severity of our climate crisis and the corporate campaign to keep us all from facing climate change realities.

“Beyond the Tipping Point” (8:32)

In tandem with our culture’s determined effort to avoid acknowledging and confronting the challenge of climate change, a parallel – but more covert – process of actual weather manipulation appears to have been taking place for quite some time. The video which follows, details how our military experimented with weather manipulation as a weapon of war during the Vietnam conflict. And you can read about our military’s ongoing plans to draft Mother Nature in the book Weather Warfare.

Operation Popeye – Weather Warfare in Vietnam (2:47)

Following the Vietnam war as our government and its industry allies began to realize the impact of fossil fuel combustion on our atmosphere, it appears that secret programs were instigated to counter this impact without publically acknowledging the problem. Known as “geoengineering” these programs have proved far more damaging then helpful.  And because they have been carried out beyond the purview of public oversight, little outcry has arisen to bring them to a halt.  The video which follows was produced by the weather manipulation watchdog and research group GeoEngineering Watch – an organization whose concerns and findings I encourage Imagine Peace and Plenty readers to research fully.

Hacking the Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality (43:57)

Confronting the reality of the global climate crisis can easily engender despair.   If we succumb to the belief that it is too late to act on behalf of climate stabilization, resignation and even denial may become psychologically seductive. But as we note in the “Welcome Home” page of the Imagine Peace and Plenty website, every crisis also offers seeds of hope, because it carries within it the potential for growth and transformation.  As Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.Org declares “As the temperature continues to rise, so will we!”

We are building a global climate movement! For an encouraging tour of how climate change activists all around the world are responding to this ecologically critical moment with transformative commitment, invest some unhurried time in exploring the 350.Org video library right after you sign up for the 350.Org mailings.

Here is a brief video summation of both our core climate problem and the part you and I can play in its resolution:

“Climate Crisis” (3:44)

Access the full length “Occupy Love” film at


As mentioned above, effective Climate Action will involve active support for the CO2 reduction efforts of groups like “”But it will also require addressing the related issues of Rainforest preservation focused on by groups like “Ecological Internet”, and the “Rainforest Action Network” , together with the kind of respectful collaboration with indigenous communities, promoted by groups like the “Osa Foundation”, the “Amazon Conservation Team” and the “Pachamama Alliance”. Additionally, our activism is necessary on behalf of organizations that offer sustainable solutions to our energy needs here in the USA, like the “Union of Concerned Scientists”, as well as on behalf of groups that deliver practical support for environmentally responsible micro projects in developing countries, like the work of “Plenty” in Belize.

plenty in belize


In the days ahead Imagine Peace and Plenty will invite you to plug in to practical action steps we can all take to move our planet toward climate stabilization.


But to begin, or expand, your activism please explore the websites of each of the organizations referenced above.  Choose the one(s) that call your heart to action. And then invest your talent, time and treasure in implementing their activist agenda.

At Imagine Peace and Plenty we have chosen to give an added boost to one group in particular – “Climate Parents” – a unique non profit organization working under the auspices of the Sierra Club. To explore the mission and work of these climate stabilization activists navigate here to their website or turn to the Imagine Peace and Plenty Beneficiaries page.



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