Take Action

Action Step Invitation

As American Buddhist nun Pema Chodron has said, “Compassionate Action involves working with ourselves as much as working with others.”

Outer and inner transformation are intimately linked. As we commit to the one we will see change in the other. In the “Take Action” sections of Imagine Peace and Plenty you will find invitations to evolve both your personal inner world and our shared outer world. Winning the Big Prize – finally entering together into the time when we find out what happens if “We All Love Each Other” – will require our total commitment to healing both of those worlds!

Take Action Now

As a place to begin, our old friend John Lennon encouraged us to imagine the world we desire to live in, as the first step toward bringing it into being.  We are all vulnerable to becoming deaf to the call to do our part in creating that world.  So here is a brief video to open our hearts to what is possible and spark determination to transform imagination into reality.

Once we are grounded in that vision, it’s time to join the rEvolution with our

Declaration of World Peace

And here are
Guiding Principles for Taking Effective Action


This link will take you to resources for evolving your inner world.

This link will take you to the current invitation to Take Action in our outer world.


Holding fast – together with you – to our vision of “Peace and Plenty for All”, you are invited now to explore the remainder of the Imagine Peace and Plenty website, if you have not done so already.  Begin with this link to our “Start Here” overview of the purpose of this site.  At that page you will also be oriented to the best way to navigate through the Imagine Peace and Plenty main site and its related subsites.